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That year, the city of Berkeley, Calif., changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, and several other municipalities have made similar moves, often explicitly as a means of dishonoring Columbus.

In response to one such initiative in Baltimore, Eugene F.

Such a passage would establish faster and easier trade routes than were possible through overland travel or by sailing south and east around Africa.Despite his miscalculation, after 10 weeks Columbus did indeed find land — not the outskirts of the Orient, as he went to his grave believing, but an entirely new continent.Later, as a nation began to coalesce out of the American colonies, its leaders recognized the admiral’s legacy.A decade later, as the Order celebrated its patron on the 400th anniversary of his discovery, President Benjamin Harrison proclaimed a national Columbus holiday.He called for “expressions of gratitude to Divine Providence for the devout faith of the discoverer, and for the Divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people.” Colorado became the first state to establish Columbus Day in 1907, and others soon followed.

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An 1846 painting depicts Christopher Columbus and members of his crew on a beach in the West Indies after arriving on his flagship Santa Maria Oct. A closer look, however, reveals the famed explorer to be a man of faith and courage, not a monster.

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