Updating simlock error

Use of Flash option simultaneously with product code change for USB Only phones is restricted.

It is recommended to flash phone separately with Firmware Update. Connection media to FLS-5 must be configured to be “USB_FBUS”, after FLS-4 support has been removed FBUS does not work anymore with FLS-5 FLS-5 drivers do not support 64 bit OS, so phones using FLS-5 /USB_FBUS connection can not be serviced in 64 bit operating systems N9- RM-696 Product Code change still unreliable Product code change is not working with RM-838, RM-852, RM-843.

As you can see in above firmware versions, some starts with 21 while some are from 22.

If your firmware version is starting from 21 then don’t try to upgrade the firmware which starts with 22, and vise-versa.

Interested people who want the correct unlock code can pay here.

Download Firmware Huawei E5776s-860 21.1.00 Universal Download Firmware Huawei E5776s-601 21.2.00 (mac Universal) Download Firmware Huawei E5776s-501 21.2.00 (mac Europe) Download Firmware Huawei E5776s-22 21.2.00 (mac Europe Universal) Download Firmware Huawei E5776s-22 21.1.00 Univeral Download Firmware Huawei E5776 22.2.626 (Orange Uganda) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 22.2.1064 (Universal Norway) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 22.2.99 (Maxis Malaysia) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 21.2.1158 (Spectranet Nigeria) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 21.2.260 (Elisa Finland) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 21.2.26 (H3G Denmark) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5776 21.2.632 (Bahrain STC) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5776 21.2.349 (Telia Denmark) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5776 21.2.151 (Batelco Bahrain) Download Firmware Huawei E5776 21.2.141 (Orange Romania) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5776 21.2.1102 (Sweden 2020) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5776 22.2.110 (Entel Chile) Download Firmware Update Huawei E5375 21.2.59 UTPS11.3.558 Download Huawei E3372s-153 Firmware Update 22.2.00 Download Huawei E3372s WEBUI 16.1.03 Hilink V7R2 At last, I want to add few more words.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix – directory on 64 bit machine C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix -directory on 32 bit machine Error Corrections & changes: New products: RM-647 New products are not implemented to Phoenix anymore. All Nokia Service Software Applications will use following location for product specific data: - Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Packages - Windows 7: C:\Program Data\Nokia\Packages Please see articles SR1774 for more information on the use of Nokia Data Package manager – tool, and article SR1854 for more information on the Nokia Service Application Manager Tool.

Please wait patiently; Phoenix will start after configuration is finished. To rectify this: - Use Windows Task Manager to manually shut down and Fuse processes, or optionally restart your PC It is not possible to program Mass Media Content file to some devices over direct USB cable connection, due to the large size of the file.

Please use Product identity tool (SR2872) Energy Management Calibration should not be performed for products using the “Quantum” engine (RM-689, RM-702, RM-704 and other product using the same engine) Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data Package 2 concept.

Flashing with setup FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not supported anymore.

For more information concerning new options in “Firmware Update” – menu and their use, Please see documents SR1313 and SR1659 in KICS Information Center.

Tucson operations combined with “flash” – option are now handled in the same way as “refurbishment”, which requires Mass Memory Content File to be available.

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However, firmware update can make your device dead.

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