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At a dinner party last year at the home of my friend Rosemary, a woman called Annabel chatted ­animatedly to me all evening and called the next day to invite me for lunch.

When I asked if Rosemary would be there, she said no and it soon became apparent that what Annabel really wanted was for me to get her teenage daughter a job in newspapers.

” But then I found that both their husbands had been there as well, and as I am single I understood better.

They also each have a small baby, so they do baby shopping.

If I do find a way of quantifying what I think to be the right balance between those two extremes, I will write a new post about it.

In addition, I have a couple posts that make the good points without making the questionable ones. You can read the original (though annotated) text of the post here: Never Say No to Sex Related Posts 1.

It’s funny how, where friends are ­concerned, women, even in their 40s or 50s, can revert back to playground behaviour.

‘Cavewomen had to rely on a close circle of friends for their very survival and if you were left out of that group, then you could die.

At the weekend I happened upon two friends of mine in a restaurant.

Nothing unusual in that, except that when they saw me, they both went bright red.

At a fundamental level, I think this post was telling women that they should be pushovers - or at least implying it.

Telling women to support their husbands or boyfriends sexually is good advice for girls who already had strong personal boundaries, but it is questionable advice for a girl with weak boundaries. I am not completely sure that it is a good thing for sex to be 100 % available to a man, even in the context of a relationship.

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