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FIFA 16 WC or Legendary are not fun neither realistic. Unless you are a very good FIFA player, PRO is the only way to go. EDIT: did some testing and really like the results. Now started to experience all ranges of scores (D 1-1, L 2-5, V 0-1). I dont want to mess with sliders anymore because they change the fundamentals of the game, and then we never know if something happened from the program it self, or the sliders were using.

Because at default pro difficulty is somehow easy, the set tries to make games more difficult and realistic. Total shots are good (between 10-20) with nearly 50% on goal both human and CPU. Anyway, I just looking at yours and watching the videos, I would recommend you to increase Run frequency, mainly for CPU.

Been searching all over the internet for the set of sliders that while being most closer to RL than possible are fun to play. So, I gathered some ideas from other sets and came to the following: PROFESSIONAL 20 Mins, Mix Assisted/Semi/Manual Slow Legacy defending User/CPU Sprint Speed - 50/55 Acceleration - 49/51 Shot Error - 57/57 Pass Error- 50/58 Shot Speed- 49/49 Pass Speed - 49/49 Injury Freq - 65/65 Injury Severity - 40/40 GK Ability- 49/49 Marking- 55/60 Run Frequency - 10/10 Line Height - 55/55 Line Length - 35/35 Line Width - 100/100 FB Positioning - 55/55 FT Control - 55/55 My comments for the values: Sprint Speed: just a little boost to CPU to make it harder Acceleration: same here Shot Error: at default shots look very effective Pass Error: with semi-assisted I make enough passing errors, while CPU doesnt.

Gameplay wise, FNV was a step up from FO3, but the atmosphere was nowhere near as good. Combat, weather, perks, loot, enemies, you name it. All vanilla NPCs have either been killed or changed beyond all recognition. DUST takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas.

It is suggested that you use Normal difficulty for DUST.

Murdering people, eating human flesh, and taking hardcore drugs will not do wonders for your mental health.

FIFA 16 World Class or Legendary difficulty levels at default are not fun neither realistic. Playing against Barcelona or any low rated team is almost the same.

Near perfect defending, tackling and passing are very annoying.

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-v1.6 and before require Dead Money DLC, Honest Hearts DLC, Lonesome Road DLC-v1.65 and onward require Dead Money DLC, Honest Hearts DLC, Lonesome Road DLC, Old World Blues DLC, and Gunrunners Arsenal DLC-There is no DLC free version of this mod.-Alternative Start mods are no longer required (or compatible, apparently). Dehydration and starvation rates are now greatly increased.

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