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The isolate, collected in 1997 in Poland, was of A1 mating type, highly aggressive, metalaxyl resistant and of complex race (

Black's differential set, obtained from the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, Edinburgh, UK, was used to confirm the isolate's virulence each time in parallel to the tests.

The detached leaflet tests were replicated as follows: 3 leaflets/genotype × 2 replications × 2 dates were tested in 2007, 3 leaflets/genotype × 2 replications in 2008 and 3 leaflets/genotype × 2 replications × 2 dates in 2010.

Three tuber slices/genotype × 2 replications were tested in 2006, 20. possessing the R gene, when its mean resistance score in both detached leaflet and in tuber slice tests was ≥ 7.

It is a polymorphic weed species of walls, fields and field borders growing at altitudes of 2,400-3,800 m, with a corolla pale to medium blue-violet [ is similar to that of the species mentioned above, spanning Bolivia near the border with Peru and south to northwest Argentina, from 2,000 up to 4,180 m above sea level and its corolla colour is described as purple violet to light blue [ mapping population of 114 individuals.

The parent d H Balbina and the progeny were propagated each year in the field, whereas clone 99-10/36 was propagated in the glasshouse.

Marker--trait linkages and determination coefficients (] with the following settings: CP population type (creating maternal and paternal linkage maps first and then creating a common population map), independence LOD as a grouping parameter (linkages with LOD clone 99-10/36 was the most resistant in both detached leaflet and tuber slice tests, with mean scores 9.0 and 8.9, respectively.Detached leaflets or tuber slices were inoculated with a 30 μl droplet of sporangia/zoospore suspension (50 sporangia/μl).After incubation of 6 days at 16°C, in high humidity and, in case of leaflets, under constant light of about 1,600 lx, they were scored using a 1-9 scale, where 9 is maximum resistant [].Most of the standards performed as expected with cv.Sárpo Mira being highly resistant and cvs Biogold and Escort and clone DG 94-15 being moderately resistant in detached leaflet tests.

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Before each resistance test, the isolate was passaged through susceptible potato tissue at least twice.

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