Dating long distance in college

However, maintaining a long-distance relationship in college is not impossible.

Whether you think your partner is “the one” or you simply wish to keep a good thing going, these long-distance relationship tips can help make the transition that comes with separation easier and more manageable.

It can be tough to hear about all the fun your partner is having, especially when they’re making new friends of the opposite sex.

Remember, though, everyone enters college looking to make new friends. Your partner is reaching out and having an enjoyable experience.

Surprise your partner with small gifts, a visit to his school or a hand-written letter.

While breakups are difficult, you’ve got the rest of college ahead of you, not to mention the rest of your life.After all, I went to boarding school, and how much different from college could that be?Pretty different, I soon realized, and different enough that it changed my perspective a lot.Or, maybe you can just relax, and let your love inspire new, creative ways for how to use it. Or, let’s take this relationship to the next level — you can become an Airtime brand ambassador (we call it a strategist) on your college campus. We’ll love you forever if you recommend our post to others. Besides the fact that he lived across the country from me and we were heading for long distance in six months, he was everything that I could have dreamed of.

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