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Powerful, yet powerless You may feel very powerful in your ability to attract a man who is married, maybe with family and cause him to betray this family.

Yet as time goes on, it becomes apparent to you that you frequently feel powerless.

Friends and family sense you are closed off in some way, and can become confused and discouraged about your relationship with them.

You can feel this, yet are afraid it would cause more damage to their feelings about you if they knew.

You tell yourself their marriage is already over anyway, or that it’s not your responsibility, but his, since he is the one cheating and you are not cheating on anyone.

However, deep down you know you have made a choice to participate in something that can result in devastation for any number of people.

Reading the above may bring up strong feelings that you haven’t been aware of before.Participating in an affair necessitates entering an altered state of consciousness where only part of reality can be processed, the part that has to do with pleasure.It’s like being in a trance, complete with it’s own logic.Getting these answers become more and more important as you become more involved and then obsessed with your lover and realize that you are not as central to him as he is to you.(I am using the term “the other woman” as a literary convenience because statistics show that married men have affairs more frequently than do married women.

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Sitting alone on New Year’s Eve or Saturday night, you feel you have no power at all.

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